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How to use LinkedIN to build Professional Networks – by Peter Pritchett

Peter Pritchett

Peter Pritchett

Two of my Groups of business leaders had fantastic sessions with speaker Mike Nevin recently.

He covered two related topics:

  1. How to use LinkedIn to build professional networks to help develop business
  2. How to make Strategic Alliances with potential business partners REALLY work.

I guess you know about LinkedIn already (although we all learned a lot and went away with loads of great ideas to improve the effectiveness of our use of LinkedIn.)

The Strategic Alliances workshop was of tremendous value. Several members present were already involved in some form of Strategic Alliance (some successful, others less so) – and all agreed that Mike’s concepts will help them improve those relationships and ensure that future ones achieve their true potential.

The three key things we took away:

  • The importance of having a MOUP (Memorandum of Understanding and Principles)
  • The power of his 52 Point Diagnostic Tool
  • The criticality of understanding both sides “Give” and “Get” from the potential alliance as early as possible.

If you’d like to know more about these concepts and Mike’s other materials go to There is loads of  useful stuff there.

Peter Pritchett is an experienced Managing Director and business leader, having worked for subsidiaries of RTZ, London International Group and Numerex Corporation (USA). He chairs four groups within The Academy for Chief Executives, an organisation dedicated to the personal and professional development of business leaders.  To find out more about Peter visit his page at
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