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2014: Race Horse or Wooden Horse?

– By Justin Urquhart Stewart 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse. But will it be a race horse or a wooden horse? The New Year is a good time to put things into some perspective. This is vital when trying to interpret what is happening in the economy, particularly since we all suffer […]

Seize the Moment

By Andrew B Morris Much is written about the art of the exit. When asked how he become so rich, John Paul Getty replied, “by selling too early.” Selling, and of course, buying is all about timing. We need to read the cycle of our sector, the economy, and the financial world from both a […]

The Most Exciting of Times for Business

By Roger Harrop I believe that the times we’re in now are some of the most exciting for business – whether you’re a new start-up, the largest corporate in the world, or anything in-between! Everyday we are seeing all kinds of amazing new technology become available (often free), everyday there are new markets opening up […]