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Posts from ‘October, 2013’



Values – The Post-it Way

– By Andrew B Morris Walk into most businesses and you’ll see a set of slick values stuck on a wall. Few notice them and most can’t recall their origin. Consultants charge fortunes to run endless workshops that are intend to arrive at a set of authentic values that capture an organisation’s DNA. Don’t’ bother […]

No Excuses

– By James M Kerr If a leader expects high standards from his or her team, then he or she must be held to the same standards. No excuses for bad behaviour or poor performance should be made or deemed acceptable. It’s a simple formula, but one that can transform if applied in an open […]

Leadership Happy Families

– By Mark Katz Have you ever wondered why Manchester United win so often or why Google and Facebook grew to be the largest companies in the world in such a short period of time? Timing, luck and great ideas all play their part, but first and foremost, all three owe their success to their […]

Real Value: Why Do Your Customers Buy From You?

– By Mike Wilkinson Very few customers buy anything simply because it is cheap.  They buy because they see a balance between the price being charged and the benefit, or value, they perceive they gain.  In other words there is a clear trade-off between price on the one hand and value on the other. As […]

CASE STUDY: The Happy Creative

An entrepreneur and creative thinker, Karen Lambert is the founder and Managing Director of Happy Creative a strategic marketing and branding agency based in Lancashire whose brand is all about authenticity and expressing her own personality. “Happy Creative has been spreading happiness for eight years, and this year we are on a mission to spread […]

Making the most of your adviser – by Jo Haigh

Be it a transaction or specific problems you are dealing with, from time to time you need advice from a professional, inevitably this requires the exchange of money in return for the advice. Advice comes based on years of experience and associated professional qualifications. A short piece of advice therefore may seem expensive but it […]