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Posts from ‘April, 2012’

Understand your business stage and prepare for advanced growth

By Darren Shirlaw, Founder of Shirlaws Global “Current conversations are often about surviving the recession, but this misses an important point. It’s too late to think about survival, and just the right time to be planning for economic recovery”, says Darren The Great Recession While the so-called Great Recession focused everyone on survival, many businesses […]

20 Ways to Add Value

By Phil Jesson In the future, there will only be two types of companies:- Those who are perceived as cost creators Those who are perceived as value creators The former are in for a hiding and many of them will not survive for obvious reasons….they will be seen as a “cost”. Value creators will survive […]

Searching for Higher Purpose

By Andrew B Morris, CEO of the Academy for Chief Executives The number of business leaders that now considers making money less important than making a difference is on the increase. Following Greg Smith’s recent outburst at Goldman Sachs (I suspect we might see more of these) this is particularly timely. It signifies a deeper […]

Working in partnership to support UK businesses

Advertisement Feature Every business sets goals for the future but how regularly do you review your business plan? At RBS we work with businesses to help them plan ahead for the short, medium and long term. The role of banks with regards to supporting the growth of UK businesses continues to be crucial and with […]

Let’s Share – by Jo Haigh

They say that those that can do, indeed usually end up doing it for themselves. But owning and running your own business is often fraught with problems and not everyone who is capable really wants to share. Yet inevitably, those staff that are good, very often require more than a bonus to keep them on […]