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Lift off for the Academy for Chief Executives Scotland

The Academy for Chief Executives, the UK’s leading executive coaching and mentoring organisation, reaches an important milestone today with the launch of a new group in Scotland. At the helm of this new group is Academy for Chief Executives Scotland Chair Justin Grace, a former MD who brings with him 20 years of international board […]

An Appetite for Disruption

-By Gary Ashton If you want to develop game-changing business ideas, you need the right sort of people to develop and implement them. But having the right ‘disruptive talent’ is only half the story. If you don’t provide them with the right environment in which to act, their talent and ideas can very easily be wasted. […]

Three Keys to International Expansion

– By Mark Fritz Thanks to today’s communication technologies, businesses can operate wherever they choose in a way they simply couldn’t have imagined three decades ago. This means that your competition at home could be just as easily be based across the world as across the street. But equally, you could be the competition in someone […]

A Fresh Pair of Eyes

– By Ian Wright It’s not clear exactly what is not working, but growth is lacklustre, innovation is faltering and motivation is poor. Or alternatively, the business may be facing a particular challenge or set of challenges. In either instance, escaping the rut is much easier if you have a fresh perspective, moral support and […]

Set Yourself Courageous Goals

By  Ian Day Imagine what could be achieved if you could set goals that were so inspirational and motivational that people would step up and deliver transformational performance. How often does this happen in your business? In our book ‘Challenging Coaching – Going beyond traditional coaching to face the FACTS’, John Blakey and I suggest […]

Grab a Graduate!

By Marianne Abib-Pech If you ask me to name the top three companies I would put on my wall of fame when it comes to innovation and energy, Connecticut-based conglomerate General Electric would definitely be one of them. Jack Welch, GE’s CEO from 1981 to 2001, would say “keep them engaged, keep them moving, never […]

Keeping the Flame Alive

By Peter Vajda Something that is guaranteed to hit the energy of your business like a lead balloon is if one or more of your people start to act as if they would rather be somewhere else. Underperforming or disengaged employees adversely affect productivity because they impact those around them in many ways – all […]

Halting The Drift, Antennae Up!

By Lesley Matile  Individuals and businesses often fail if they continue doing what made them successful for a little too long. Why? One reason is that success can make some leaders blinkered “…I know what I’m doing, no need for me to question myself, I’m very successful, after all…” Long-standing leaders – however effective they are […]

We are where we are – now what?

By The Academy Team At the end (or is it?) of a long period of recession and downturn, we are faced with the problem (or opportunity) of what we should do to develop and grow a business. The future is unknown and, possibly, unknowable. Yet, we probably feel that we should be doing something to […]

Doing what’s normal – Creativity in Business

By Ian Moore Ideas are the keystones of all successful businesses. There are many areas where creativity can be used in a business but for this article I will concentrate on three of these – idea generation, innovation and decision making. The word ‘creativity’ has many negative ‘airy fairy’ connotations. Perhaps a better phrase to […]