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Surviving a PR Crisis when it all Hits the Fan

– By Marc Cowlin Warren Buffet famously observed: “‘It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it.” Given how precious that reputation is, you need to be prepared for the fact that it might come under threat, sometimes through no fault of your own. When that happens, the temptation can be to […]

When the going gets tough: managing your reputation through the media

By Magnus Carter Crisis: What Crisis? – The Sun journalist who originally wrote this headline helped bring down the Labour government in 1979, following the ‘winter of discontent.’ This despite the fact that the man ostensibly quoted – Prime Minister Jim Callaghan – never actually used the words.  The problem is that when it comes […]

How to build a stellar reputation in tough times

By Alan Stevens Building a brilliant reputation isn’t easy, but the benefits are immense. Your reputation is your biggest marketing asset, and will help you to win business in even the toughest times.   Your reputation is fragile, since it can be easily damaged, and is difficult to repair. However, it needn’t cost a great deal […]

Getting your message across in the Digital World

By Thomas Power Most businesses spend a lot of time concentrating on getting their message across through press relations. Yet, you, like most others, now consume information from a much wider set of sources. In the digital world, should you be expending energy finding your audience or is your audience finding you? Do you need […]

Newsnight appearance proves the value of thought leadership by Jonathan Hemus, founder, Insignia Communications

Little did I imagine when I set up Insignia Communications, a reputation management consultancy, that two years later I would be sitting in the BBC Newsnight studio, face to face with Jeremy Paxman commenting on Rolls Royce’s communication response following the failure of one of its engines on a Qantas Airbus A380. But of course, […]

Balance In Business – Stakeholders by Jeremy Thorn

This article is about balancing the needs of all our different stakeholders. And I don’t think this is ever an easy task. There are so many of them, and some are much less obvious than others. The idea of getting the balance right in a business can cover many themes. On any personal level, a […]

Who Needs to Be a Thought Leader? (Part 1) by Rob Brown

“Leadership is action, not position.” Donald H McGannon, former CEO of Westinghouse Broadcasting Corporation When you ‘lead the field’ and have the reputation as the number one, ‘go to’ choice for what you do, you create a competitive edge. In my bestselling book ‘How to Build Your Reputation’ I identified 12 groups of people who […]