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Case Study: What a Good Idea…

Sometimes all a business needs to transform itself is a really good idea. And it was just such a brainwave  that helped  Richard Blanford, MD of Fordway and a member of Academy CEO Group 14, to re-position his technology business for a sustainable, long-term future. Like many IT Systems Integrators, Fordway’s traditional business model was based on […]

Ideas, People and Cash

By Andrew B Morris Whether it’s organic or by acquisition, these are the three critical elements you need to grow any business. 1. Ideas It usually starts with an idea or innovation. The light-bulb moment, inspired by something we’ve experienced or noticed, when our mind is at its most relaxed and reflective, generally away from […]

Doing what’s normal – Creativity in Business

By Ian Moore Ideas are the keystones of all successful businesses. There are many areas where creativity can be used in a business but for this article I will concentrate on three of these – idea generation, innovation and decision making. The word ‘creativity’ has many negative ‘airy fairy’ connotations. Perhaps a better phrase to […]