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Posts from ‘June, 2013’


– An exclusive interview with Phil Jones, MD of Brother UK Originally founded 100 years ago in Nagoya, Japan, Brother is a global electronics and manufacturing company, with sales in over 100 countries. The UK subsidiary, based on the outskirts of Manchester, was originally established in 1968 and provides sales, marketing, technical support, warehousing and […]

A few great people make one great business

By Andrew B Morris Whether you are running a large organisation or a very small one, the top team rule always applies. Look around the board room table at the people entrusted with making the company great and ask this simple question. “Are we making do with mediocrity? If so, why?” The answer is often […]

Halting The Drift, Antennae Up!

By Lesley Matile  Individuals and businesses often fail if they continue doing what made them successful for a little too long. Why? One reason is that success can make some leaders blinkered “…I know what I’m doing, no need for me to question myself, I’m very successful, after all…” Long-standing leaders – however effective they are […]

New Ideas Make You Money

By David J Hall The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. But the decisions that we make and the behaviours that we display are often based on models of reality that are rooted in the past. They are therefore increasingly likely to be out of date.  This lag in our thinking generates a gap between […]

Surviving, Thriving, Transcending

By Max McKeown When Li Ka-Sing was just 15, his father died. The teenager was left to support his mother, sister and brother by selling plastic belts in Hong Kong. Just months after he became the breadwinner, in 1943, the Japanese army invaded. The occupation chaos lasted three years and eight months, creating an environment […]