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Posts from ‘August, 2012’

Medalling in Your Business

By Phil Jesson The Olympics have been great for sport and great for the Nation! One thing I’ve learnt is that the noun medal has become, in sporting circles, a verb. People can now medal in that they find themselves on the medal podium. Can we learn lessons from the Games that will have implications […]

What is IT with you?

By the Academy Team Your use of Information Technology (IT) is probably on your Board Agenda. You may even have a Technology or IT Director. You probably talk about fixes and patching and adding in new function. How often do you (or he/she) step back and really look at how your IT is working? How […]

Head for The Cloud?

By Steve Songaila Let’s face it technology was already complicated enough without the advent of the current buzzword “The Cloud”. That complication has often led to CEO’s and COO’s leaving the running of the digital backbone that powers your business to a team of experts that report to the board what they want and when […]

Connected and Responsive – the Social Media Leader

By Phil Jones A common characteristic of successful leaders is their unrelenting thirst for learning. They have minds that are open to everything and closed to nothing, inhaling copious quantities of new information to refine/define who they really are. They are also passionate about people and their customers, taking every opportunity to interrogate how the […]