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Posts from ‘November, 2009’

High Performance Leadership – Unleashing the Hidden Advantage latent in your organisation

David Powell is an highly experienced speaker and former senior executive in the petro- industry sector and was a big success with members of my Chief Executive Forum, Academy Group 11 when he presented to them recently. He spoke enthusiastically and in great detail while at the same time writing on the easel and demonstrating […]

The Impact and Influence of a Leader

Members of experiential business learning group, Directors Forum 9,  spent the day recently exploring their ‘Impact and Influence as a Leader’, including examining their indispensability factor to their organisation … We worked with Kate Atkin to explore our ‘EPL'; our ETHOS, PATHOS and LOGOS. Ethos being our business and personal credibility, built on our track […]

Unpossible Thinking

Members of experiential business learning group, Directors Forum 11, had a great session when Ian Moore,  Msc & BSc(Hons) author of “Engineering The Impossible” and “Unpossible Thinking” presented to their group recently. Ian is fascinated in developing tools and techniques to allow people to unblock their thinking on demand to achieve their full potential- (see […]