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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

Selling your business (or how to handle the 2nd most important business event of your life!) – by Howard Leigh

The sale of your business will probably be the second most important business event you need to get right, the first being starting your business. You can never start too early to plan to sell a business. Some people start the planning even before they have started the actual business! Accordingly, they want to create […]

Selling Your Business? – Some advice from someone who’s been there … by David Noble

I sold my insurance broking business in 2009 when my partner decided it was time to exit. Having no previous experience and very little knowledge in this area I was grateful to the Academy for Chief Executives (ACE) for the support and advice I received throughout the process. From my own experience these are my […]

Exiting your business – what you should know (including how to maximise profit!) … by Simon Lester

Planning a successful exit … or put another way “Taking the fastest route to the biggest profit with the least resistance!” Most business owners have plans to exit their business at some point and there are many elements that combine to ensure a successful exit. Grooming the business for sales is obviously paramount, but in […]

Top ten tips for Selling Your Business – by Howard Leigh

Howard Leigh is the Senior Partner of Cavendish Corporate Finance LLP, the UK leading specialist advisor to entrepreneurs wishing to sell their business.   Here, Howard provides his top ten tips on ‘selling your business’. The earlier you plan to sell the business the better better – it’s a good idea to ask a friendly accountant […]

Give Great Answers to Tough Shopfloor Questions by Michael Dodd

The toughest professional questions to members of the Academy for Chief Executives come primarily from just three areas. They’re asked by customers, prospects and your own employees. How do we know this? The information comes from the pre-session surveys that I’ve been conducting with members before sessions on “Give Great Answers To Tough Questions”. So […]