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Lift off for the Academy for Chief Executives Scotland

The Academy for Chief Executives, the UK’s leading executive coaching and mentoring organisation, reaches an important milestone today with the launch of a new group in Scotland. At the helm of this new group is Academy for Chief Executives Scotland Chair Justin Grace, a former MD who brings with him 20 years of international board […]

Success Recipe – by Jo Haigh

Creating an exceptional business has much in common with the highly regarded and hugely unexpected success of The Great British Bake off. Who would ever have thought that the combination of the right set of ingredients could not only create a wonderful consumable product, but also take the stars of the show into unexpected stratospheric […]

Ideas, People and Cash

By Andrew B Morris Whether it’s organic or by acquisition, these are the three critical elements you need to grow any business. 1. Ideas It usually starts with an idea or innovation. The light-bulb moment, inspired by something we’ve experienced or noticed, when our mind is at its most relaxed and reflective, generally away from […]

A few great people make one great business

By Andrew B Morris Whether you are running a large organisation or a very small one, the top team rule always applies. Look around the board room table at the people entrusted with making the company great and ask this simple question. “Are we making do with mediocrity? If so, why?” The answer is often […]

Write Answers to Tenders and Quotations

By Peter Sutcliffe Tenders and quotations can be a necessary chore for many businesses and yet, with some care and attention, they can be turned into a useful business acquisition tool. Here are some thoughts on the process and how it can be made effective in the business. When looking at your competitor quotes, it […]

Commercial Warfare?

By Phil Jesson Business is “up against it” at the moment and maybe it is time to re-visit how we, as a nation, dealt with hard and challenging times in years gone by. There is no point waiting for the recession to blow over – we need to fight our way out of it! Did […]

Medalling in Your Business

By Phil Jesson The Olympics have been great for sport and great for the Nation! One thing I’ve learnt is that the noun medal has become, in sporting circles, a verb. People can now medal in that they find themselves on the medal podium. Can we learn lessons from the Games that will have implications […]

Understand your business stage and prepare for advanced growth

By Darren Shirlaw, Founder of Shirlaws Global “Current conversations are often about surviving the recession, but this misses an important point. It’s too late to think about survival, and just the right time to be planning for economic recovery”, says Darren The Great Recession While the so-called Great Recession focused everyone on survival, many businesses […]

Let’s Share – by Jo Haigh

They say that those that can do, indeed usually end up doing it for themselves. But owning and running your own business is often fraught with problems and not everyone who is capable really wants to share. Yet inevitably, those staff that are good, very often require more than a bonus to keep them on […]

Top Tips for Successful Family Business

By Peter Leach LLP Communication Create an atmosphere for open discussion among family members to identify and document the family’s objectives and core philosophies. Listen to each other and give everyone a voice. Recognise the validity of each individual’s views. Discuss, with the help of professional advisers if necessary, the different objectives and needs of […]