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Banks won’t lend, have you tried your pension? by Michael Wiggins

Since the onset of the credit crunch in 2008 and the subsequent economic malaise, many business owners across the UK have found banks becoming less willing to provide the loan facilities which they need. In some cases the terms of future loans become restrictive or expensive whilst in others, simply unavailable. Clearly, the inability to […]

Building a special relationship with your bank by Jo Haigh

The relationship with your bank has always has been a special relationship, but it is even more so now as options are much less than before as brands consolidate and debt becomes increasingly scarce. Historically, we might have viewed this as a partnership, and one where both parties treated the other one with due respect. […]

Knowing your numbers and being realistic about cash by Brian Chernett

In the current economic climate, it is still critically important to manage the basics well. Nothing is more basic than making sure that know your numbers, consider how to improve them if necessary and that you have cash. Cash is always important and in times of uncertainty, its importance increases. It is particularly critical in […]

The Downturn Revisited – Preparing for Nessie

The economy has understandably been at the forefront of leaders for the last twelve months or so, and probably will be so in 2010. The economic situation is one of many subjects The Academy has experts on. For more visit Rohit Talwar is CEO of Fast Future. He is a Global futurist, award winning […]

Buy Better

Of course everyone wants a bargain even the super rich, in fact probably particularly the super rich. How do you think they got rich in the first place!! In our current economic climate, it’s almost certainly a buyers market – though in order to buy well you clearly need a willing seller. Therefore in order […]

Don't Start a Business in the Recession… Not!

If position, position and position is vital in identifying and enhancing the value of an asset in the property market then cash, cash and cash remains paramount in any business but never more so than in a new venture in these cash strapped times. Starting a business in a recession may not be your first […]

Would You Buy This Company? – an understanding of company finance

The North East Academy for Chief Executives, Future Leaders Forum speaker in May was Peter Sutcliffe, an accountant who facilitated a workshop including practical examples and case studies from his own ‘coal face’ experiences within finance, IBM, GEC and in recent years as a company doctor. The Academy members were taken on an experiential learning […]

Understanding the Balance Sheet

Members from experiential business learning group Leaders Forum 42 enjoyed a session full of great content and insight from Simon Kelly, (pictured, right). Simon waved his financial magic wand over a Balance Sheet – like magic, the scales fell away from our eyes as he blew away the myths and the mystic terminology that had […]