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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

10 Top Tips to Survive and Thrive – by Andrew B Morris

Cash is king. Preserve it and use it wisely. A simple method is to measure weekly or monthly cash in and cash out of your business. Make sure your invoicing and cash collection is working effectively. Supplier management Reduce stock, improve supply lines, review all your Direct debits, check that you are getting three quotes […]

Economy: Where next? Double Dip, anyone? – by Roger Martin-Fagg

This is an edited extract from Roger’s monthly update on economic matters worldwide. This extract concentrates on banking and on UK economic matters. Banks and Banking The Vickers Report is now going through a consultation period. It quite rightly has said that large integrated banks like Barclays must not use retail deposits to fund risky […]

Moving Forward with Confidence through Testing Times – by Andrew B Morris

This month we look at the outlook for businesses as we enter the final quarter of 2011 and finalise planning for 2012. I think we can safely say that we live in ‘interesting times’. It might be better to live in more predictable times but it is not our fate to do so. We need […]

What is a Chief Executive Supposed to do? – by Peter Hills & Alan Dean

So you have the top job you aspired to all those years ago! Now that you are there, is it how you thought it would be? Did anyone give you a manual to follow or did you just remember what your boss did and hope that your way would work as well or better? Unfortunately, […]