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Posts from ‘March, 2015’

Breaking the Rules by Sue Knight

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” Richard Branson At the reviewing discussion of a fishbowl demonstration that I gave to the graduates of a Coaching Associations programme, one of the audience said “But you broke the rules!” One my exemplars is Moshe Feldenkrais founder of […]

Good Stress, Bad Stress

– By Andrew B Morris Just like we have good and bad cholesterol, so we have good and bad stress. Good stress will motivate, give us supreme confidence, stimulate creative thinking and enhance our decision making. Bad stress will impact our sleep, distort our perspective and judgement, and, if left unchecked for too long, will […]

Are You Getting Enough?

– By Dr Irshaad Ebrahim Enough sleep, that is. We spend about a third of our lives asleep. And while scientists think that sleep does something important — something vital for life- research has not yet identified specifically what that is. Nevertheless, we all know when we need to sleep — we can feel this need. […]

Laughing Academy

– By Kate Hull Rodgers Humour comes from the Latin umor: to be fluid and flexible. Humour in the Workplace is a practical ethos that encourages enjoyment in employment. Humour will increase productivity, communication, teamwork, enthusiasm, staff retention and work life balance. It will decrease stress levels, mediation, training time, and recruitment costs. Quite simply, people […]

Are You Over-Busy?

– By Pete Wilkinson Life is very busy for most of us. That’s especially true if you’re running a business or part of an executive team. You probably have far more projects running than you can handle and I bet you also have far too many plates spinning. And with all this going on it isn’t […]

Let’s Talk About The ‘S’ Word

– By Tiffany Kay Over the years, the use of the word ‘spiritual’ in business has been largely frowned upon. Spirituality is often equated with being floaty, unrealistic or ungrounded. In a corporate world that still tends to value analysis and reasoning over intuition and instinct, we have been actively encouraged to leave any spiritual practices […]

Interview: Striking a Balance

Lorna Davidson is CEO of The Mothership Group, a group of entrepreneurs who are harnessing technology to incubate and launch innovation and disruptive propositions, all focussed around intelligent selling to make a noticeable change in the sector they work in. The Group has also launched a charity called The Mothership Foundation, which helps provide investment funding for […]

Pay Attention or Pay the Price

– By Simon Fletcher As a CEO of a business in the financial services sector, I have been dealing with the introduction of auto-enrolment for our clients for some time but I can also speak from an employer’s point of view, having to go through the process ourselves. To date we have seen circa 43,000 […]

10 Speaker Gems for April

We should not die “of something.” We should all die healthy…….but as late as possible!” (Dorian Dugmore) Perfectionism is an illness not a quality (Robyn Pearce) Your values should be moral hills you are prepared to die on! (Humphrey Walters) When giving feedback please remember to provide light not heat (Sue Cheshire) Top achievers should […]

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