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Posts from ‘July, 2013’

Taming the Email Monster

Dr Monica Seeley What would you do with an extra hour a day every working day? Most CEOs, MDs and business leaders are information-rich but time poor. Board papers, minutes of meetings, proposals and research reports are often piled high either on the PC or desk. Add an average of 70 emails a day and […]

Stress Busters

By Carol Spiers Running a company – however large or small – is a demanding role. You have to manage market volatility, an uncertain economy and the occasional crisis whilst at the same time consolidating growth and effectively managing the business. The chances are that you are working at a frenetic pace and regularly have […]

Stress: How far should you go?

By Sue Firth One of the big problems with stress is that admitting to it is often seen as a sign of weakness. What’s more, many fear – rightly or wrongly – that their difficulties will go on record or stay with them even as they move jobs, thereby acting as a barrier to their […]

Case Study: Taking Time Out

Sarah joined her first Academy group in the spring of this year, but believes that the investment in her membership is already paying dividends. “In an owner-managed business it’s all too easy to get into working in the business rather than on the business and this can be especially true in challenging economic times. My […]

From Bad to Worse…

If the thought of having to do staff appraisals is something that stresses you out, cast an eye over these gems plucked from real employee appraisals over the years. “It takes him two hours to watch sixty minutes.” “Gargled from the fountain of knowledge. ” “If you stand close enough to him you can hear […]

Bring Yourself to Work

By Andrew B Morris Fact: We spend a huge proportion of our lives at work. Fact: We tend to wear a mask at work and don’t show enough of our true selves. Fact: Distorting who we are, bending ourselves out of shape each working day, is extremely tiring and stressful. Fact: People can spot when […]