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Posts from ‘January, 2015’

How to be Pitch Perfect

– By Andrew Morris  Whether we are presenting our company to a potential partner, a bank, a customer or whoever, getting it right makes the difference between winning and losing. Here’s a handy check-list: Preparation Who’s on our Team? Agree roles and a team leader Know their Team. Who is the ultimate decision maker? Is […]

Top Tips from the Pitch Doctor

The word ‘pitching’ is entering everyday business vocabulary, thanks to TV programmes like Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice. But where does pitching fit into the world of real businesses? In short, we can define a pitch as any professional interaction where you present your business, your products or your services to someone and ask them […]

Pitching to win – do you have the right proposition?

– By Phil Shipperlee It’s all very well honing how you’re going to pitch your proposition to prospective customers, but have you stopped to think whether you’re putting the cart before the horse? What about the proposition itself? Is it the best you can do with your resources and capabilities? Is it what the market […]

The Human Factor

– By Kate Nightingale To win new business you need to stand out from the crowd. And to be honest the best way to stand out is to create rapport and human connection. At the end of the day ‘People buy People’ and whatever service or product you’re selling there will be many other companies […]

Case Study: A Global Journey

Malcolm Miller is group Managing Director of Wiltshire-based RTS Group, an automotive learning and development agency, which trades across Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. Established in 1989, it employs 50 people and uses a further 100 associates. The company specialises in helping automotive manufacturers develop frontline staff working in their dealerships. Clients include well-known […]

10 Speaker Gems for February

Know where you are going. If there is a light mist in the pulpit there will be a heavy fog in the pew (Mark Fritz) Listen to your inner voice – what you say to yourself is just as important as what you say to others (Steve Smith) If presented with a difficult question, think […]

You can never be sure how your pitch is going to be received!

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