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Posts from ‘November, 2014’

An Appetite for Disruption

-By Gary Ashton If you want to develop game-changing business ideas, you need the right sort of people to develop and implement them. But having the right ‘disruptive talent’ is only half the story. If you don’t provide them with the right environment in which to act, their talent and ideas can very easily be wasted. […]

The Science of Success

– By Brian Mayne “If you think you can, you can”! Hearing seemingly simple quote by Henry Ford turned out to be the greatest turning-point of my life. I was 30 years old when I first really heard those words. I had heard the saying before, of course, as I expect you have, but I had not […]

Speaker Gems

Ten incisive one-liners from the Academy’s roster of speakers Under-performance is a virus that will infect your organisation. It gets worse because then your best people move on (David Smith) Keep it simple – business is about selling products and services that don’t come back to customers that do (Phil Jesson) If you know where […]

Lessons in Communication

In aviation circles, variants of this story have been doing the rounds for years. The factual basis is that many airlines and airforces ask pilots to complete a ‘gripe sheet’ of any mechanical problems on the aircraft report after every flight which they pass to the ground crew. These responses (usually attributed to Quantas ground […]