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Posts from ‘July, 2012’

Last Word – Ignore the delusional prophets of doom

By Luke Johnson, Risk Capital Partners Those who doubt capitalism’s potential tend to see the worst in society. A financial reporter recently explained to me why he enjoyed writing about entrepreneurs: “They’re so much more optimistic than all the cynical journalists I work with.” I know exactly what he means. All human existence has been […]

Consumer Confidence – Time for a Change?

The overall UK Consumer Confidence Measures index score stayed the same in June at -29. Three of the five measures in this research carried out by GfK on behalf of the European Commission stayed the same this month, one measure saw a decrease this month and one measure increased. The annual moving average dropped one […]

Economic Update – Invest in What you Believe In

By Roger Martin-Fagg Roger takes a look at the financial numbers from the UK, Europe and across the globe and concludes that “This is a very good time for SME owners to invest in what they believe in: themselves and their key staff.” This article has been edited from Roger’s Economic Update for August for […]

On your marks, get set, grow! Prepare for Recovery.

Darren Shirlaw of Shirlaws Global was one of our speakers at the recent RBS hosted Conference ‘Leading Growth’. Darren prepared his clients back in 2007 for the beginnings of a W shaped recession that would last ‘at least 5 years’. We are now in the second dip of that W. One of Darren’s key points of […]