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Posts from ‘January, 2014’

Corporate Health Check

– By Andrew B Morris Depending on our age we may have a health screening with a doctor every couple of years. This measures our level of health against the previous year’s tests and triggers remedial action if required. It’s good practice to also do the same thing with our company, but using a rather […]

The Top 10 Steps to Reach Your Goals

– By Nigel Risner Many goals are set – few are achieved. Who will you be? There are real goals and there are steps toward real goals.  A goal will cause you to BE something more than you are now.  Selling 10 cars this month is not a goal.  Losing 50 pounds is not a […]

2014: Race Horse or Wooden Horse?

– By Justin Urquhart Stewart 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse. But will it be a race horse or a wooden horse? The New Year is a good time to put things into some perspective. This is vital when trying to interpret what is happening in the economy, particularly since we all suffer […]

Your Strategy for 2014: Steady Growth, Invest to Accelerate or Cut Costs?

 – By Phil Shipperlee Businesses confidence has been rising steadily during 2013. But while many company bosses I’ve spoken to are banking on growth in 2014, there’s a potential cloud on the horizon. According to a survey I came across in CEB Finance Daily, some two thirds of company bosses are also planning to cut costs […]

The Power of Giving

– By  Andy Hanselman As we move into 2014, let’s focus on giving for a moment.  By that I don’t just mean giving to charities or giving discounts, I mean giving things that cost you (almost) nothing but can reap huge dividends for you as well as for others. Give HELP and ADVICE Offer ways […]

Humour – Corporate take on New Year resolutions

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Serious Actions – by Jo Haigh

When you are running your own business, there are times when everything seems overwhelming and in need of serious attention. The worry bank goes into override and your ability to prioritise disappears, everything needs immediate attention and it all seems to be going horribly wrong. I speak from bitter experience and from nights and nights […]