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Posts from ‘June, 2012’

5 Tips for Team Collaboration

From the 7 Racing Rules (see main article) by Alex Alley and Paula Reid Everyone shares, understands and buys in to the five unifying essentials at the heart of the organisation: the vision; mission; values; strategy; and goals. All of these should be clear; communicated effectively and repeatedly. An example in our case was that […]

What makes a great leader?

By Sue Knight “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but where they need to be.” Col de la Barriere. That name triggers memories of heat and pain. Mid bike tour we were pleased with ourselves after a long fast descent […]

Leading A Winning Team

By Giles Miskin My 21-year-old daughter started her first proper job last Monday and her text reply to my enquiry as to how the first day went was: “Really nice bunch (apart from one complete arse!)” This came as no surprise to me, as all the teams I’ve ever worked in or led, plus the […]

All in the Same Boat

By Alex Alley and Paula Reid Alex Alley and Paula Reid were core crew on the Global Challenge round-the-world yacht race and own Velocity Made Good – a leadership and performance development business. They recently published their second book: The 7 Racing Rules. In this article we look at Rule #5: Two Watches, One Boat. […]

Pre appointment due diligence – by Jo Haigh

The excitement of being offered a new post on the board of directors is fairly self-evident for the ambitious manager. It may involve the obligatory new car, salary, and other benefit increases, along with the prestige of a nice flashy title. In a tough economic environment, to take a step back and ask ‘’should I […]

I’m not an economist BUT …. by Roger Harrop

… a look at history shows us clearly that nations prosper by trading across their borders. This has be true – whether it was the UK in the 19th century, the US, Japan and Germany in the 20th or China and, increasingly, India now. It may be that nations have abundant and valuable natural resources […]