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Conflict: Deal with it!

– By Andrew B Morris The Academy has a term called a ‘NO FESTER ZONE’ meaning that as soon as a potential misunderstanding emerges, it is tackled immediately. If it’s allowed to fester it will just grow and become a bigger problem to deal with. AVOID JUDGEMENT: If you have an issue with someone, sit […]

The Dynamics of Difficult Conversations

The average British person has 27 conversations every day, lasting an average of 10 minutes each. That adds up to a massive 4.5 hours a day or 68 days – every year. We mostly enter these conversations automatically, without forethought or reflection. However, there are some conversations we do notice. We can spend hours, days […]

Case study | The cost of avoiding conflict

Background: Fifteen years ago, Estelle founded a business in the creative industries. At the time she was clear that she wanted to exit the business in ten years and to structure it in a way that would give her the time she needed to bring up her young family. So she gave a long-standing employee […]