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Colouring in for CEOs

By Giles Miskin Giles Miskin is a leadership development expert focussing on behaviours.  He is a regular speaker at Academy Groups and his energetic, intelligent and engaging style stimulates conversation and change.  He is Managing Director of The Colour Works (, a progressive learning and development company specialising in transforming leadership and team-working performance, inspiring […]

The best decision you will ever make

By Andrew B Morris Being in the right frame of mind is critical in any decision-making process. There’s no point jumping into a decision if you cannot do so from an unbiased and detached perspective. So before you make any big decisions in either your personal or professional life, it’s a good idea to consider […]

Are you a Whinger or a Winner? by Roger Harrop

There is no question – the prospects for the economies of the UK and the rest of Europe are not good BUT there are many sectors that have thrived and continue to thrive throughout the last 3 years. You may have seen my, not exhaustive, list of 31 of these sectors and companies that I […]

What is a Chief Executive Supposed to do? – by Peter Hills & Alan Dean

So you have the top job you aspired to all those years ago! Now that you are there, is it how you thought it would be? Did anyone give you a manual to follow or did you just remember what your boss did and hope that your way would work as well or better? Unfortunately, […]

Experiential Executive Development from the World’s Most Exciting Companies

How do Google innovate so successfully?  … To find out, attend the TopDog Tour –  June 12th 2011 ?What If!, the world’s largest independent innovation consultancy, are offering an exclusive 50% discount off their TopDog Programme. This is based on six members of the Academy signing up. What is TopDog? TopDog is a leadership and […]

National Achievers Congress – Excel London Exhibition Centre 2–4th July 2011

Sir Richard Branson | Anthony Robbins | Lord Alan Sugar What do they have in common? Probably many things, three that come to mind are: They are successful They are inspirational All three of them will be at an amazing event held in London on the 2-4th July 2011 The National Achievers Congress is a […]

How Much Dare You Desire? by Gabrielle Gaché

The origins and meaning of words is always fascinating. Let’s consider the words of this title: Dare…..What does that mean to you?…..Outside your comfort zone? Takes courage……Requires action……..Will get the adrenaline flowing? You…..Not your company, not your family, not your parents, not colleagues, not your shareholders…..YOU! Desire….. ‘de’ ‘sire’……of the father. When do you have […]

Alex Alley and Paula Reid teach us to apply ‘what’s best for boat’ to our businesses – by Peter Pritchett

Directors Forum Group 2 enjoyed a very polished and entertaining session from Alex Alley and Paula Reid this month. Alex and Paul drew on their fascinating experiences during the 2004-5 BT Global Challenge round the world yacht race to capture the attention of the group, to entertain us and – most importantly – to drive […]

Real Life Experiences: Leaders learning from each other

New South London area Academy Chairman, Peter Lynagh, was delighted to be given the opportunity to discuss the launch of his local leadership group by South London Business recently. The interview which follows is reproduced on our blog, with their kind permission: The Academy for Chief Executives (ACE) has recently started a new group in […]

Spread the Passion virus through your Business – by Brian Chernett

Are you passionate about your business? Do you believe in what you’re doing and how you are going about it? If you are, that’s good, though there may be plenty of room for improvement. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, that is a problem that may need you to rethink your current situation […]