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Posts from ‘December, 2014’

The Risk Genie

– By Andrew B Morris If there’s one thing we can be sure about over the coming year, it is that the business climate will remain uncertain. Our attitude to risk is often the most divisive issue to emerge in the board room. The fear of failure, of damage to reputation and wealth freezes us […]

Authentic Optimism

– By Simon Clarkson Optimism and realism can sometimes conflict, yet both are vital for improving performance as well as maintaining motivation. So how do we maintain a positive outlook whilst dealing with the tough questions and issues that need to be addressed to create a step change in performance? The difficulties businesses face are greater […]

Big Data: Big Opportunity?

– By Mike Fish Big Data is much talked about and poorly understood. Indeed it has often been likened to “teenage sex – everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, but few actually are”. But in 2015, it really is time to stop dreaming and start doing. Fuelled by tech firms looking to refresh and extend […]

Women in Business – Predictions for 2015

– By Neela Bettridge Next year is the reckoning date for the Davies report, which called for a minimum of 25 per cent female representation on FTSE 100 boards. But what about the state of play for women working for the countries SMEs and growing businesses – how will they be impacted? Whilst a CBI […]

Case Study: the Sting

This is a true story… Vince Tickel is Chair of Academy Group 1 and sits on the Academy’s board of directors. Among his external business interests is Hunter Sourcing, a Hertfordshire-based importer of premium packaging products and promotional items that are developed or designed in the UK and primarily manufactured in China. These might […]

Speaker Gems

Ten incisive one-liners for December from the Academy’s roster of speakers A good one-liner gives us all the learning we need – think of it as a seminar in a sentence (Sue Cheshire) Get on with it – good plans executed today are better than perfect plans executed next month (Nigel Risner) People do what […]

Remember how the Office Party used to be?

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