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Posts from ‘January, 2012’

Top Tips for Successful Family Business

By Peter Leach LLP Communication Create an atmosphere for open discussion among family members to identify and document the family’s objectives and core philosophies. Listen to each other and give everyone a voice. Recognise the validity of each individual’s views. Discuss, with the help of professional advisers if necessary, the different objectives and needs of […]

Peer to peer Mentoring for Family Business Success

By the Academy Team “Family Businesses have special requirements,” says family business expert Peter Leach about a special event on Wednesday 18th April, 2012 which is being co hosted by Peter Leach LLP and the Academy for Chief Executives. “Psychologically family businesses are complex systems. Decisions are jointly made and it is more difficult to […]

“Succeeding mightily” as a Family that Works Together

By Andrew B Morris, CEO of the Academy for Chief Executives All family businesses need something to ‘glue’ them together. In my case it was the vision and cleverness of my Dad who founded the business and then ensured that all five of his sons entered the business and worked well together. After a couple […]

Family Businesses are Special….

By Peter Leach and Alexandra Sharpe, Partners at Peter Leach LLP In the current challenging economic climate, times are tough for the majority of Businesses out there. The outlook appears gloomy. However, taking a look at the family business sector, which creates an estimated 70% to 90% of global GDP annually, you might find a […]

The Grit and the Pearl – by Jo Haigh

One of our natural and most beautiful gems is formed when an individual grain of sand infiltrates an oyster. This irritant is dealt with not by expulsion but rather a patient approach of layering the grit with a white substance that relieves the irritation, allowing the pearl (something that is then highly regarded) to be […]