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Posts from ‘September, 2013’

Seize the Moment

By Andrew B Morris Much is written about the art of the exit. When asked how he become so rich, John Paul Getty replied, “by selling too early.” Selling, and of course, buying is all about timing. We need to read the cycle of our sector, the economy, and the financial world from both a […]

The Right Leadership at the Right Time

By Dr John Colley Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, and Bill Gates were exceptional leaders. Not only did they create their businesses, they also lead them into maturity. Considering that 90% of start-ups disappear within two years, this is a major achievement. Rarer still, they are all examples of the founder remaining at the helm as the business […]

Case Study: Right Place, Right Time

Creativeevents, The Food and Drink company, provides top-end catering for all occasions. Major contracts include exhibition venues such as Earls Court, Olympia & Excel Exhibition Centres, well-known heritage sites such as Brooklands Motor Museum, National Army Museum and Dulwich Picture Gallery and high profile outdoor events including RHS Chelsea & Hampton Court Flower Shows and […]

A Question of Context. Why Understanding Who Your Customers Are Is Not Enough

By Grant Leboff Marketers were always taught to segment their customers based on demography. That is; characteristics such as age, sex, ethnicity, geography etc. There was good reason for this. If you were going to advertise washing powder during a commercial break on television, there was one aspect of the audience’s behaviour that you could […]

It’s Time to be Sociable

By Euan Semple Use the word “social” in many business circles and the first reaction is “what has being social got to do with business”. Add the word “media” to it and Social Media brings to mind stories of youthful indiscretion on Facebook or businesses being mauled by angry customers on Twitter. Why on earth would […]

Weekly Overload Recreation Killer

Set Yourself Courageous Goals

By  Ian Day Imagine what could be achieved if you could set goals that were so inspirational and motivational that people would step up and deliver transformational performance. How often does this happen in your business? In our book ‘Challenging Coaching – Going beyond traditional coaching to face the FACTS’, John Blakey and I suggest […]

Grab a Graduate!

By Marianne Abib-Pech If you ask me to name the top three companies I would put on my wall of fame when it comes to innovation and energy, Connecticut-based conglomerate General Electric would definitely be one of them. Jack Welch, GE’s CEO from 1981 to 2001, would say “keep them engaged, keep them moving, never […]

Keeping the Flame Alive

By Peter Vajda Something that is guaranteed to hit the energy of your business like a lead balloon is if one or more of your people start to act as if they would rather be somewhere else. Underperforming or disengaged employees adversely affect productivity because they impact those around them in many ways – all […]

The Best – or Worst – Ever Cover Letter?