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Two tribes

– By Andrew Morris We come across two tribes of people in the business world. The Do-ers who do what they say or agreed to do. And the Talk-ers, who do not. We know where we are with the Do-ers. They like responsibility and are fulfilled by getting things done and pleasing us. Once we’ve delegated, […]

Are you Vulnerable Enough with your Customers?

– By Larry Reynolds People buy from people. So the relationship you have with your customers is just as important as your product or service – more so in many cases. But are you taking the right approach to building relationships with your customers? In particular, are you being vulnerable enough? Being vulnerable means sharing personal […]

Authenticity: You Can’t Fake It

– By James T Noble The more virtual our lives get, the more we hunger after something genuine. Customers today demand more than just a product or a service. They want an experience – one that  is honest and transparent, one that is authentic. Authenticity isn’t something that can be faked. That’s why authentic businesses […]

An Authentic Heritage

John Jones first entered into the fine art industry in the 1960’s when he quickly discovered that he had an aptitude for making high-quality bespoke picture frames. It was not long before he was framing professionally for artists such as Francis Bacon and David Hockney, designing and producing museum-standard frames specifically to complement their work. […]

A New Take on New Clothes

In the story The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen, a foolish emperor is gulled by two conmen posing as weavers. They offer to make him the finest garment made of the most magnificent material in the world. Yet they warn him that this material is invisible to anyone who lacks intelligence. When his […]

Values – The Post-it Way

– By Andrew B Morris Walk into most businesses and you’ll see a set of slick values stuck on a wall. Few notice them and most can’t recall their origin. Consultants charge fortunes to run endless workshops that are intend to arrive at a set of authentic values that capture an organisation’s DNA. Don’t’ bother […]

No Excuses

– By James M Kerr If a leader expects high standards from his or her team, then he or she must be held to the same standards. No excuses for bad behaviour or poor performance should be made or deemed acceptable. It’s a simple formula, but one that can transform if applied in an open […]

Bring Yourself to Work

By Andrew B Morris Fact: We spend a huge proportion of our lives at work. Fact: We tend to wear a mask at work and don’t show enough of our true selves. Fact: Distorting who we are, bending ourselves out of shape each working day, is extremely tiring and stressful. Fact: People can spot when […]