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Resilience and Growth from the Shadows

By the Academy Team for the Bottom Line Does your business stop when key members of staff take time off? Could you survive the long term absence of a key person? How would you cope with the sudden departure of one of your key people? If your answer is that you’d put your contingency plan […]

CAPITALISING on the Olympics…

Ken Allison shares a pentathlon of ideas for engaging your people. By the time you read this article, the Olympic Torch Relay may be somewhere near you.  By Olympic standards we seem well prepared, with none of the horror stories from previous Games about unfinished venues, transportation systems and the like. But, is business prepared to […]

The Beginning of the End of Blame by John Cremer

One highly valuable element of improvisation practice is the idea that it is impossible to do it wrong. This principle creates an environment that promotes creativity and invites risk taking. The essence of improvisation is that it embraces whatever takes place in the moment. An alert improviser will gleefully seize upon any anomaly, stumble or […]