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Serious Actions – by Jo Haigh

When you are running your own business, there are times when everything seems overwhelming and in need of serious attention. The worry bank goes into override and your ability to prioritise disappears, everything needs immediate attention and it all seems to be going horribly wrong. I speak from bitter experience and from nights and nights […]

Slow Down to Take Control

– By  Chris Merrington Do you sometimes feel you have less and less time to do more and more? Do you start the day with an ever-longer to-do list and wondering how you will manage it all?  Do you strive for perfection when sometimes ‘good enough’ would be sufficient? Are you drowning in a tide […]

Winter warnings – by Jo Haigh

Do you experience what I have called the winter slow down? I don’t mean that business as such is slower. In fact I am as busy with opportunities as ever, but as the nights draw in, less gets done in the time frame than it does in the summer months. I have always suffered from […]