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Using Intuition in Business – by Peter Sutcliffe

The North East Academy for Chief Executives, Directors Forum speaker in September was Juliette Lee who facilitated an excellent interactive workshop on “Eye of Leadership“. The experiential learning workshop scrutinized many aspects of leadership including examining our often untapped inner feelings and how we can use many practical techniques to resolving key issues. In summary, […]

Thought Leadership or Thought Followership? by Phil Shipperlee

Is it real or is it just another bit of jargon or management speak? I think the answer is both and I have explored this below. It is very important to be able to identify what is real in this context as true thought leadership is at the root of all the progress made by […]

Decision making: handling information by Ian Moore

Our brains have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to help us survive and to that end they are highly effective decision making instruments. However in modern day situations, and especially in business, these mechanisms for decision making may not be the best. So rather than spending time on developing sophisticated decision making strategies […]

Working Without Your Head – Using Intuition in Business

Caroline Fox (pictured, right) presented her topic “Working without your Head” to two experiential business learning® groups this month – Peter Pritchett’s Academy Group 32 and Joe Adams’ Academy Group 11. The workshop is all about getting members in touch with the true power and potential of their intuition, and to demonstrate how to harness […]