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Posts from ‘December, 2008’

From Hiring to Firing

CEO members from experiential business learning group Leaders Forum 9 enjoyed a session full of great content and insight into employment issues from expert Ken Allison. The workshop, “Hiring to Firing” (built around an Alan Sugar storyline which really works) was delivered with authority, skill and good humour. Ken managed to bring to life a […]

Handling the Media

CEO members of experiential business learning group Academy Group 29 took part in a highly interactive and practical workshop delivered by media expert David Walter (pictured below).  The ability to perform well on radio and television and to communicate effectively with print journalists is essential. In his career in broadcasting, David Walter met and interviewed […]

Corporate Lifecycles

Neil Ryder delivered a most interesting and thought provoking session to CEO members of experiential business learning group LF66 recently. This talk is particularly relevant to today as we look to create the most effective, efficient pro-active and integrated businesses. Neil (pictured right) outlines the roles necessary maximise the effectiveness, efficiency, and pro-active entrepreneurship of […]

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Academy Groups 5 and 32 had the benefit of a really powerful workshop with Anne Riches (pictured right) who travelled from Australia to speak to the groups this month. Anne worked with us on her “Almond Effect” concepts – designed to help organisations and individuals overcome barriers and resistance to change. The main obstacles are […]