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The World Wide Web Was Born in 1989, 25 Years On Where Would SME Business Be Without It? – by Jo Haigh

October 1989; the month and year I started my business. I was unaware at the time that another new born was the World Wide Web, I was also unaware of the impact this creation would have on my life, both business and personal. In 1989 promoting a new SME profile was all about meetings, networking […]

Graham Jones teaches us how to obtain web success for our businesses – by Peter Pritchett

Academy Group 5 enjoyed an insightful, engaging and very thought-provoking session from psychologist and web-consultant Graham Jones on “Web Success for Your Business”. Rather than just the usual techie and/or design driven session, Graham really focuses on what motivates web users and uses this to illustrate how most companies’ websites are still very wide of […]

Social Networks Aren’t Just For Kids

Presidents Forum 532, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group recently had internet marketing expert Phil Calvert talk to them on how the new trends of social networking and “tweeting” are becoming relevant to business. Phil explains why ‘Social Networks aren’t just for kids’ – with a wealth of simple, practical, easy-to-implement tips, tricks and […]