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A ”New Normal” Arrives and Requires some New Thinking (and some revisiting to old and trusted truths and strategies) – by Peter Pritchett

Academy for Chief Executives’ group Directors Group 2 (“Future Leaders in the Midlands”) worked with David Abbott on his “Irrational Customers” workshop this week. I chose David as our speaker this month because I believe that we are clearly entering a new phase of economic activity – and that successful businesses will need to adapt […]

Serious Actions – by Jo Haigh

When you are running your own business, there are times when everything seems overwhelming and in need of serious attention. The worry bank goes into override and your ability to prioritise disappears, everything needs immediate attention and it all seems to be going horribly wrong. I speak from bitter experience and from nights and nights […]

Winter warnings – by Jo Haigh

Do you experience what I have called the winter slow down? I don’t mean that business as such is slower. In fact I am as busy with opportunities as ever, but as the nights draw in, less gets done in the time frame than it does in the summer months. I have always suffered from […]

Don’t give it away – by Jo Haigh

Incentivising your key staff doesn’t have to mean diluting your ownership. One of my favourite ways of engaging with your staff on a long term basis is via a phantom share scheme, or as it’s sometimes called an LTI (long term incentive). In order to produce a great and relevant scheme, you need you to […]

Leadership Happy Families

– By Mark Katz Have you ever wondered why Manchester United win so often or why Google and Facebook grew to be the largest companies in the world in such a short period of time? Timing, luck and great ideas all play their part, but first and foremost, all three owe their success to their […]

The Right Leadership at the Right Time

By Dr John Colley Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, and Bill Gates were exceptional leaders. Not only did they create their businesses, they also lead them into maturity. Considering that 90% of start-ups disappear within two years, this is a major achievement. Rarer still, they are all examples of the founder remaining at the helm as the business […]

Last Word – Have You Become A Corporate PITA?

By Andrew B Morris CEOs have enormous power and authority and this success can go to your head and make you dangerously detached from those around you – who won’t point this out. These are some of the warning signs. At networking events do you (obviously) search for a more important person in the room? […]

Commercial Warfare?

By Phil Jesson Business is “up against it” at the moment and maybe it is time to re-visit how we, as a nation, dealt with hard and challenging times in years gone by. There is no point waiting for the recession to blow over – we need to fight our way out of it! Did […]

Leading in ‘The Human Age’

In a recent study, titled Why Global Leaders Succeed and Fail, Right Management (a part of the Manpower Group) worked with Chally Group to survey over 1400 CEOs and HR professionals across the globe on their leadership development practices. The Academy for Chief Executives has worked with Right Management to bring you this newsletter which […]

Why Global Leaders Succeed and Fail

When Right Management and Chally Group surveyed business leaders for Why Global Leaders Succeed and Fail, they looked at a number of aspects of the development and survival of CEOs in a variety of businesses worldwide. An early discovery was that most CEOs come from operational or financial backgrounds. It is only partially clear why […]