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Posts from ‘March, 2014’

How are you Feeling?

– By Andrew B Morris Today’s executives, particularly blokes, find it difficult to talk about their feelings, especially at work. Asked how we’re feeling, we’d be surprised and off guard, and uncomfortably respond with a mumble of “…fine” “…ok or “…good.” Our emotions take dominance in our decision-making over our rational brain. Once we’ve collated […]

10 Tips for a Better You

Health and wellbeing tips for busy people from top fitness coach, Jon Denoris. 1. Manage your ENERGY not your time. Time management is, I believe, a myth. It’s far better to increase your energy levels so that it is greater than the demands/stresses placed on it. Smart use of movement, nutrition and restoration can help […]

How Much Is Fear Costing You?

Few of us will be familiar with the 1,883-word, 20 minute-long speech delivered by Franklin D. Roosevelt on the occasion of his first inauguration as US president on March 4, 1933. But most of us will recognise one sentence from it. “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing […]

The Dynamics of Difficult Conversations

The average British person has 27 conversations every day, lasting an average of 10 minutes each. That adds up to a massive 4.5 hours a day or 68 days – every year. We mostly enter these conversations automatically, without forethought or reflection. However, there are some conversations we do notice. We can spend hours, days […]

Case Study: Frank Bastow

Balancing body, mind and spirit is key for Academy CEO Group 14 member, Frank Bastow, who runs the eponymous London-based property restoration and redecoration company dedicated to ‘Making London Beautiful’. Having worked within the family building and contracting company for several years, in his late 20s he started his own building and decorating firm. He […]

A Lesson in Value

A heart surgeon took his car to his local garage for a regular service, where he usually exchanged a little friendly banter with the owner, a skilled but not especially wealthy mechanic. “So tell me,” says the mechanic, “I’ve been wondering about what we both do for a living, and how much more you get […]

Value and Worth – by Jo Haigh

For insurance purposes I recently had some family jewellery valued. Some of these items belonged to my grandmother and, although somewhat old fashioned, were technically fine pieces containing some precious stones diamonds and made of 22ct gold. Because of their settings however the actual items I was informed had probably more value if broken up […]