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Posts from ‘February, 2015’

The Power of Silence

– By Andrew B Morris Children used to be told they should be seen and not heard. Bear that in mind next time you’re in a meeting with a client or potential customer. The most verbose person in a meeting isn’t necessarily the most senior or the most smart, they just like the sound of […]

Are you Vulnerable Enough with your Customers?

– By Larry Reynolds People buy from people. So the relationship you have with your customers is just as important as your product or service – more so in many cases. But are you taking the right approach to building relationships with your customers? In particular, are you being vulnerable enough? Being vulnerable means sharing personal […]

Why Did I Lose that Piece of Business?

– By Phil Shipperlee This is always a good question to ask, as is why/how did I win that piece of business? but that is a question for another day. We should all strive to understand the dynamics of the customer decision making processes so that we can adapt the way we bid to make it […]

Case Study: Building Trust

Warren Rosenberg is a co- founder of Watford-based luxury property developer, Fusion Residential and its sister company developing student accommodation, Fusion Students. Both he and co-founder Nigel Henry are Academy Group Seven members. He describes his business philosophy as “doing the right thing and not just finding the quickest route,” something that lies at the […]

10 Speaker Gems for March

Don’t stand up to your competitors, stand out from them! (Phil Jesson) Customers buy outcomes – 100 facts will not pull as well as one major benefit (Robert Clay) Remember the first rule of business – look after your most important customers before someone else does (Phil Jesson) We like people who are like us […]

Client Management. It’s Child’s Play…

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