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Posts from ‘March, 2013’

Flexible Business Modelling

By The Academy Team In today’s business environment, business models are changing constantly. Technology changes, competition adjusts, collaboration opportunities present themselves. Imagine being able to view your business model on a single sheet, to be able to adjust and develop it in real time as circumstances alter and work collaboratively within the business and with […]

We are where we are – now what?

By The Academy Team At the end (or is it?) of a long period of recession and downturn, we are faced with the problem (or opportunity) of what we should do to develop and grow a business. The future is unknown and, possibly, unknowable. Yet, we probably feel that we should be doing something to […]

Doing what’s normal – Creativity in Business

By Ian Moore Ideas are the keystones of all successful businesses. There are many areas where creativity can be used in a business but for this article I will concentrate on three of these – idea generation, innovation and decision making. The word ‘creativity’ has many negative ‘airy fairy’ connotations. Perhaps a better phrase to […]

The Most Exciting of Times for Business

By Roger Harrop I believe that the times we’re in now are some of the most exciting for business – whether you’re a new start-up, the largest corporate in the world, or anything in-between! Everyday we are seeing all kinds of amazing new technology become available (often free), everyday there are new markets opening up […]