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Stop Doing, Start Thinking

Turn off your computer and phones. Sit back. Relax. Focus on your breathing. Empty your head Stay empty headed Now allow yourself to reflect on what’s important today. Look out of the window or at something that pleases you. Ignore the weird glances from your colleagues. If this isn’t working leave the office, find somewhere […]

Limber up your Limbic Brain for authentic Charisma

– By Nikki Owen Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Eva Peron, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Dr Martin Luther King. When they spoke, millions listened in awe. When they walked, millions followed devoutly. Six leaders, one powerful attribute – charisma. So what is this the mythic power of charisma? I define it as something that captivates the […]

Case Study: What a Good Idea…

Sometimes all a business needs to transform itself is a really good idea. And it was just such a brainwave  that helped  Richard Blanford, MD of Fordway and a member of Academy CEO Group 14, to re-position his technology business for a sustainable, long-term future. Like many IT Systems Integrators, Fordway’s traditional business model was based on […]