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Posts from ‘October, 2012’

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine – Top Tips on Employment Tribunals

By Arran Elkeles If you want to minimise the risk of successful employment tribunal claims do: Be clear about the employee’s role and responsibilities. A written job description prevents many a misunderstanding. Be clear about who the employee’s line manager is Have a written contract of employment and ask the employee to sign it.   If […]

Fighting Fires Without Burning Bridges – How 21st Century Businesses are Learning to Slash the Cost of Conflict

By Jane Gunn When conflicts and disputes arise, the majority of companies are ill equipped to deal with them in a timely and efficient way so that escalation and rising costs are the norm. Take the following story as an example. An IT company struggles to find the right fit for a new HR Director. […]

What has the Patents County Court ever done for us?

By Judge Colin Birss For small and medium sized enterprises, protecting their intellectual property can be a real problem, but it is something which every business can and should think about. Here are some examples. Every business has at least one brand: their trading name. No-one wants to see a trade rival hijacking the goodwill […]

Ten practical tips for dealing with legal disputes

Get the facts. Don’t be persuaded by hearsay and conjecture. Get the hard evidence. You might have to use this evidence in court so make sure it is solid. Act early. Don’t let things fester which make the positions between the two parties harder to resolve. Understand the contractual position. What is the agreement between […]