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Why you need an employer brand

– By Andrew Openshaw Attracting and retaining the right kind of talent is central to any company’s ability to grow and this applies just as much to SMEs as it does to larger organisations. There are many definitions for employer branding but they all explain a company’s ability to differentiate itself from competitors through a […]

180 Days

– By Andrew B Morris Recruiting new talent is fundamental to growth and needs to be part of a well thought-through process that evaluates skills, experience, ambition, culture and values. This is (or should be) a highly objective process, because at this stage, there is no emotional attachment to the candidate or to any decision […]

How to get the best bang from your recruitment buck

– By Raj Tulsiani Every well-managed organisation focuses on maximising value from every part of its supply chain, and recruitment is no exception. This isn’t just about reducing costs; it’s about fine-tuning supplier relationships to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. But achieving a genuine return on investment from your recruitment […]

Terms of Reference

– By Jayne Morris Checking the references of prospective employees is often left until late in the recruitment process, if it’s done at all. But omitting this crucial part of the recruitment process can be a grave error. Checking references is a great tool for deciding between equally qualified candidates, or for weeding out applicants who […]

Case Study: Recruiting using LinkedIn

Adrian Spink is CEO of Company85, an independent IT consultancy specialising in IT transformation and security. Based in London, the company provides advisory, implementation and managed services to FTSE100 clients and public sector organisations across the UK and EMEA. Adrian is a member of Academy Group 1, Vince Tickel’s Central London group. Why did you […]

CV Humour

What exactly does making love, driving and recruitment have in common? – by Jeff Grout

There are three things in life that people generally refuse to admit they are bad at: driving, making love and conducting an interview. A good interview technique involves putting candidates at ease, effective listening, making an effort not to talk too much, and asking the right questions in the right way. Obvious.  But not easy.  […]

Is interviewing dead or just not enough? by Peter Hills

Be honest, who really likes interviewing (or being interviewed for that matter) it can be very tiring for all concerned and is often not productive. The hit rate for successful interviews (folks staying beyond their probation) is a worryingly low 56%. We make decisions in interviews too quickly (deciding if we like people in the […]

Top Ten Recruitment Tips from the Academy for Chief Executives

Our Top Ten Recruitment Tips DIY Headhunting Your competitors can be the best source of new talent, do some networking with your clients and ask them who is really good and invite them for a chat. CV’s Use CV’s for selecting candidates for interview but don’t use CV’s as the interview plan. Be Prepared We […]

How to get the most from your recruitment consultant – by Peter Shrimpton

Recruitment seems to be at the top of everyone’s list of ‘major headaches in my business’.  Peter Shrimpton, Academy member and Director of Randstad Sales & Retail gives us an insight into how to get the most from your recruitment consultant. Whatever the size of your business and regardless of the economic climate, recruitment (and […]