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Posts from ‘September, 2012’

Last Word – Have You Become A Corporate PITA?

By Andrew B Morris CEOs have enormous power and authority and this success can go to your head and make you dangerously detached from those around you – who won’t point this out. These are some of the warning signs. At networking events do you (obviously) search for a more important person in the room? […]

Write Answers to Tenders and Quotations

By Peter Sutcliffe Tenders and quotations can be a necessary chore for many businesses and yet, with some care and attention, they can be turned into a useful business acquisition tool. Here are some thoughts on the process and how it can be made effective in the business. When looking at your competitor quotes, it […]

Commercial Warfare?

By Phil Jesson Business is “up against it” at the moment and maybe it is time to re-visit how we, as a nation, dealt with hard and challenging times in years gone by. There is no point waiting for the recession to blow over – we need to fight our way out of it! Did […]

Marketing is for life, not just a Campaign

By Grant Leboff ‘Old Marketing’ was transactional in nature. You might organise a direct mail, telemarketing or advertising campaign, and measure the results obtained. If it achieved a ‘return on investment’ the campaign was deemed successful. If not, it failed. As soon as activities were undertaken, e.g. phone calls were made or letters landed on […]