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How Much Dare You Desire? by Gabrielle Gaché

The origins and meaning of words is always fascinating. Let’s consider the words of this title:

Dare…..What does that mean to you?…..Outside your comfort zone? Takes courage……Requires action……..Will get the adrenaline flowing?

You…..Not your company, not your family, not your parents, not colleagues, not your shareholders…..YOU!

Desire….. ‘de’ ‘sire’……of the father. When do you have your juices flowing?? What gets you excited?

How many live on the treadmill?….In the rat race?….Doing what needs to be done, what’s expected of them?….What conditioning have you been conforming to on a minutely, daily, weekly, monthly basis…..Christmas….???? presents, lunches, socials???

How often are you waking up with that not quite 100% energy….and what do you attribute it to? Over indulgence, age, too much traveling, an early start, a late night?? What I call the ‘blah blah blah’….the story!

Think about when you were excited and energized about your career, your opportunities and you really had that ZEST for life…..the juices were flowing….not just at work…in your relationships at work, your relationships in the club, your relationships with your babies, your relationship with your wives, your relationships with your lovers! So much energy, that you enjoyed finding ways to release all that ENERGY….. And you used it really well…..look at what you’ve achieved!

As CEO’s you are all very successful individuals that are responsible for thousands/millions/billions of revenue. You have the lives of tens or hundreds of peoples’ lives in your hands and so the ripple effect of each and every one of you and what you do, is awesome.

You guys are the CEOs …. the Chief Enthusiasm Officers!

How enthusiastic are you? How genuine is that enthusiasm?
Enthusiasm….’en’ ‘Thios’…of god, in the pre sense of god……even if you are an atheist…you don’t believe in god…there is still an entity of ‘god’ that you are against!

As Chief Enthusiasm Officers you are here in your businesses to Inspire….
Inspire….breath life….into your people.

You are here to ensure discipline.
Discipline….from disciple…to follow your lead

And to educate.
Educate…to draw out of others.

Our language gives us the clues and yet most of your people are asleep most of the time. Many have been conditioned to sleep in a world of mundane, boring, drudgery….and the saddest thing of all……as long as they have a pay-cheque at the end….they don’t care……well they do but they’ve learnt to dull down their senses to avoid disappointment….and in their dulling down they’ve also dulled down their senses for adventure and excitement and LIFE!

What are your desired states? Where are you know? And what are the
RESOURCES required to make the shift?
Firstly where are you?

Jot down all the important relationships that you currently have….directors, shareholders, co workers, reports, wives, children, associates, key friends, important people in your networks…..

Mark each relationship between 1……………….10 where 10 is the juicy exciting, empowering and enabling…. ALL that it could be and that also means that it feeds you too…..some really juices relationships can also be very leaching too. 1 is a nod, a polite chit chat with minimum knowledge of who they really are, where is each relationship?

What surprises, realisations and insights has this given you?

Now there may be relationships that are at a 10 that are taking too much time….if they steal your time drop them down at least one point.

Now what are your desires for each of these relationships? Where do you want each one to be? How much dare you desire? And jot down that mark from 1-10.
What comes up for you?
What are the resources required?
Vision/awareness? Energy? Time?

What would the greater relationships give you, do for you, get you?

My family were jewellers and I have a firm belief that my desire for brilliance comes from my forefathers….of the father. The diamonds are us…you and me as human being, we are born as brilliant diamonds and gems that are beautiful and multifaceted….many different cuts, many different colours but all jewels. The thing is that over time our many many faces get covering and buried and calcified with conditioning and experience that then turn into beliefs.

Go create wonderful memories for your loved one
Go create memories for your people….what are the advantages?
Retaining people; Well being; Getting more from your people; Employees feeling valued; Using less resource to achieve more.
How much dare you desire?
How much dare YOU desire??
Roger Black when interviewed about his success said that he didn’t aim for the finish line……..what are your finish lines? Roger aimed for past the finish line to ensure success….what is past your goals into your worldly wild desires….how far dare you dream?

My mentor when I was a young 20yr old lass said to aim for the stars rather than the treetops…. Where are you aiming?
Where dare you aim? How much dare you desire?

I have worked with individuals and businesses for the last 20 years and I have literally transformed peoples lives. My belief is that you have all that you need to be the brilliant you, you were born to be. I am passionate about you living the life you want and having a positive impact on the world around you. We have all been conditioned and have our own unique values and beliefs. Some of these are really helpful to drive you to success. Others are not so helpful and can create stumbling blocks. If you no longer want to stumble, then as your Success Mentor, I help you to dissolve the blocks or transform the blocks to something more useful.
Gabrielle Gaché – The Success Mentor –

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