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The Impact and Influence of a Leader

Kate Atkin

Kate Atkin

Members of experiential business learning group, Directors Forum 9,  spent the day recently exploring their ‘Impact and Influence as a Leader’, including examining their indispensability factor to their organisation …

We worked with Kate Atkin to explore our ‘EPL'; our ETHOS, PATHOS and LOGOS.

Ethos being our business and personal credibility, built on our track record, experience, qualifications, knowledge and gravitas; often leading to referrals.

Pathos being our empathy and understanding, built on our ability to ask great questions, truly listen and check understanding.

Logos being the facts, figures and information that we use in our reasoned arguments.

We established that our school days taught us to start with Logos, however, when working with humans we’re often much better to start with Pathos and Ethos.

We also discussed the statements “You are your business – What Impact Are You Making?” and “What changes in behaviour create the ‘right’ impression?”

By the end of the day we had a much greater understanding of the ripples, waves and tsunamis that we cause as leaders in our organisations.

Joanna Jesson

Joanna Jesson

Kate proved to be an excellent trainer, adapting her material to the content presented in the members’s Goal Reviews and the emerging needs.

Joanna Jesson,
Chairman – Directors Forum Group 9

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