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Unpossible Thinking

Ian Moore

Ian Moore

Members of experiential business learning group, Directors Forum 11, had a great session when Ian Moore,  Msc & BSc(Hons) author of “Engineering The Impossible” and “Unpossible Thinking” presented to their group recently.

Ian is fascinated in developing tools and techniques to allow people to unblock their thinking on demand to achieve their full potential- (see

The Academy for Chief Executives members enjoyed a fascinating workshop on the workings of our brain! Thinking about thinking … Members were thoroughly engrossed and involved through experiential learning in the way we think about issues/ problems and how we can resolve them.

The key experiential learning points included:-

  • How to think about thinking and the benefits of doing;
  • Clearer techniques for thinking outside the box;
  • Thinking about being more positive can result in more positive actions;
  • Lateral thinking regarding ‘If I could do it, then how would I do it?';
  • The benefits of not using the word ‘Can’t’!
Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe
Joint Chairman with Karen Humble, North East
Academy Group 23 and Directors Forum 11

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