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Using Intuition in Business – by Peter Sutcliffe

Juliette Lee

Juliette Lee

The North East Academy for Chief Executives, Directors Forum speaker in September was Juliette Lee who facilitated an excellent interactive workshop on “Eye of Leadership“.

The experiential learning workshop scrutinized many aspects of leadership including examining our often untapped inner feelings and how we can use many practical techniques to resolving key issues.

In summary, the key experiential learning points included:-

  • The relationship between intuition and business success;
  • How to let your inner voice and ‘gut feel’ to come through to help in the decision making process;
  • How to analyse our inner thoughts including interpretation of dreams to resolve issues;
  • The power of creating calm;
  • Problem solving with the aid of the unconscious;
  • Balancing the rational and intuitive decision making;
  • Overcoming ‘blocks’ in intuitive communication.

Juliette’s session was both highly interactive and instructive. Excellent exercises created plenty of delegate involvement, practical techniques and good hand outs.

Quotes from the Directors, Business Leaders and CEOs present included:

“Best Yet”
“Very enjoyable”
“Thought provoking and of practical application”
“Juliette and subject was infectious”

Peter Sutcliffe The Academy for Chief Executives

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe is Joint Chairman with Karen Humble for The Academy for Chief Executives North East Directors Forum (DF11). To find out more about this peer group learning forum for business leaders, visit  Find out more about Juliette Lee at

Good business leaders, like you, often feel very alone. Running a business is tough. Key decision making, company direction, clarity of strategy, personal development; it’s a huge responsibility and it’s entirely yours. Little wonder you’re sometimes sleepless in the small hours or struggling to answer those really big questions.
Who can you turn to for totally impartial advice?
The above is an example of the type speaker session you could experience every month as a member of The Academy for Chief Executives. Find out more about our peer group learning organisation for CEOs, MDs and business leaders at

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