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Working Without Your Head – Using Intuition in Business

Caroline FoxCaroline Fox (pictured, right) presented her topic “Working without your Head” to two experiential business learning® groups this month – Peter Pritchett’s Academy Group 32 and Joe Adams’ Academy Group 11. The workshop is all about getting members in touch with the true power and potential of their intuition, and to demonstrate how to harness and guide this intuition to answer specific questions.

The key to getting the maximum from intuition, according to Caroline, is to enter a mental state of ‘nothingness’. The ideal time for this would be when showering or in the bath. The need to go completely blank is the forerunner to entering the mental state where intuition and perception can be at its best. Having a still mind gives or allows to give the greatest state of clear thinking. Realising how powerful intuition is in making key decisions is a very large part of the battle in getting to grips with this methodology and then having the courage to ‘just do it’ is the other important bit.

Caroline’s insights into the important subject of ‘intuition’ were extremely valuable in so far as she taught us one or two ways of practising to perfect this skill. 3 key messages members derived from the session were:

  1. Trust your intuition – but test it too;
  2. Create the time and space to allow it to work and develop – it is like another skill, and needs developing and focussing;
  3. Just take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and ask your question – you might be amazed what you get back!

Peter Pritchett“The session got high scores from the hard-headed business people present and is a powerful topic for expanding members’ “envelopes” – the Academy at it’s best.”
Peter Pritchett, (pictured right)
Chairman, Academy Group 32

Joe Adams“All in all, a fascinating session and well worth doing.”

Joe Adams, (pictured left)
Chairman Academy Group 11

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