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Understanding the Balance Sheet

Simon KellyMembers from experiential business learning group Leaders Forum 42 enjoyed a session full of great content and insight from Simon Kelly, (pictured, right). Simon waved his financial magic wand over a Balance Sheet – like magic, the scales fell away from our eyes as he blew away the myths and the mystic terminology that had previously fogged our vision.

At this critical time in the world’s economy, everyone is telling us “Cash is King” – Simon explained exactly why.

  • He helped us to get behind the numbers and find out what our Balance Sheets are really telling us.
  • He explained 8 key ratios behind the balance sheet which we should be aware of that will help us understand the true strength, or otherwise, of any business.
  • He showed us how to improve our cash flow, which in turn will help us work with our bank as we will know more about their questions and what is behind them.
  • Above all he helped us to improve the management and utilisation of our business assets.

Joanna JessonJoanna Jesson,
Chairman Leaders Forum 42

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