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Speaker Gems

Ten incisive one-liners for December from the Academy’s roster of speakers

  1. A good one-liner gives us all the learning we need – think of it as a seminar in a sentence (Sue Cheshire)
  2. Get on with it – good plans executed today are better than perfect plans executed next month (Nigel Risner)
  3. People do what their managers review (Jeff Grout)
  4. Make sure that your purpose is bigger than your fear (David Hyner)
  5. The door to an individual’s motivation is locked from the inside (Ken Allison)
  6. If it comes from a plant, you can eat it. If it is made in a plant, then don’t eat it! (Marissa Peer)
  7. Assertiveness is the art of making a point without making an enemy (Jane Gunn)
  8. The best way to avoid exit interviews is to have great “retention meetings” (Jeff Grout)
  9. The more you know, the fewer your competitors are (Roger Harrop)
  10. You carry your own personal weather around with you (Nikki Owen)

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