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Speaker Gems

Ten incisive one-liners from the Academy’s roster of speakers

  1. Under-performance is a virus that will infect your organisation. It gets worse because then your best people move on (David Smith)
  1. Keep it simple – business is about selling products and services that don’t come back to customers that do (Phil Jesson)
  1. If you know where you are going you are already half-way there (Ken Minor)
  1. Getting rid of the layers gets rid of delayers (David Smith)
  1. You don’t get ulcers from what you eat – you get them from what’s eating you! (Celynn Erasmus)

  1. Bosses corner people, leaders get people in their corner (Jez Cartwright)
  1. You can be appointed as a manager but you can’t be appointed as a leader – they decide (Simon Hazeldine)
  1. Persuasion is when you attempt to change someone’s beliefs. Influence is when you use and work with someone’s beliefs (Philip Hesketh)
  1. Get on with it – good plans executed today are better than perfect plans executed next month (Nigel Risner)
  1. Make sure that your purpose is bigger than your fear (David Hyner)


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