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Bring Yourself to Work

By Andrew B Morris

Andrew B Morris

Andrew B Morris

Fact: We spend a huge proportion of our lives at work.

Fact: We tend to wear a mask at work and don’t show enough of our true selves.

Fact: Distorting who we are, bending ourselves out of shape each working day, is extremely tiring and stressful.

Fact: People can spot when we are not being authentic and this generates mistrust and unsettles relationships.

Fact: Constant stress leads to poor performance and bad physical and mental health.

Question: So, is it ok to show my vulnerability and insecurity at work?

Absolutely. This displays enormous self-confidence.

Question: I’ve been wearing the workplace mask so long, how will I know when I’m really being myself?


You’ll feel comfortable in your own skin.

Your shoulders will relax.

Your breathing will slow.

You will feel calmer.

Your clarity and energy will increase.

Your voice will be the same outside and inside work.

People will like and respect you more.

Ask them.

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