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SMEs: the engine for growth and recovery

With the decision in the UK of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats to join the Conservatives in Coalition, we have entered a new phase in the economic development of the UK. The blend of the two parties is yet to be seen in action, but it does seem to offer a strong chance that businesses (especially small and medium businesses) will be given an environment in which they will be encouraged to grow.

I remain firmly of the opinion that SME business will be the engine for growth and recovery, given the right skills, education and support.

In a series of articles which will appear on over the next few days

  • I suggest approaches to removing cost from business without removing capability,
  • Richard Barrett, in a two-part article this week, examines 5 modes of decision making, and
  • Andy Coote considers whether ‘fairness’ is achievable in business

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